5 minutes with Skalata Ventures

Pip was interviewed by our founding investment team at Skalata Ventures.  She shares her pathway to building a market research tech platform and why companies need to take control of their customer conversations.

‘Building a sustainable brand requires clarity on values, consistency in quality, continuous improvement and connection with the customer. When a brand is young, conversations with customers can happen rather organically, but once the company starts to grow, those conversations need to become more structured and scientific, a process that’s usually reserved for the market research teams of the world (read: expensive!).

Enter, Hearsay, a platform founded by veteran marketer and customer experience expert, Pip Stocks, that gives companies the resources to take control of their customer conversation process for better insights and feedback.’

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Fuel or fluff? Why Roar Protein snack packs fail to deliver

According to the CSIRO we need more protein in our diets. Quite a bit more actually, an increase of 50% over previous recommendations which means that 1.2 – 1.6 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight is the optimal amount*. As this protein trend gains momentum, food manufacturers globally are working out how to capitalise on sales ...

The secret life of the Market Research report

I interviewed a colleague of mine recently who used to oversee the market research for the luxury car company.  Sue told me they participated in various types of research – annual syndicate surveys with other car companies, global brand studies and occasional ad hoc focus groups to try to ‘fix’ serious sales hiccups.   Much ...