12 every 2. Changing some ingrained customer insight practices.

‘How often should I talk to my customers?’   A great but surprising question. Surprising because most organisations don’t actually talk to their customers enough ..  or even at all.     Talking to customers is not looking at the customers stats on your data dashboard. We mean actually talking and conversing with customers, asking them about …

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Practice You-X not UX

It feels like there is a shift happening in popular culture where we are moving from anonymity, numbers and percentages to a world about actual people and their experiences.  People’s stories are being told with more colour and texture. And yet when we think about what we do as marketers and business people, there are …

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The secret life of the Market Research report

I interviewed a colleague of mine recently who used to oversee the market research for the luxury car company.  Sue told me they participated in various types of research – annual syndicate surveys with other car companies, global brand studies and occasional ad hoc focus groups to try to ‘fix’ serious sales hiccups.   Much …

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5 minutes with Skalata Ventures

Pip was interviewed by our founding investment team at Skalata Ventures.  She shares her pathway to building a market research tech platform and why companies need to take control of their customer conversations. ‘Building a sustainable brand requires clarity on values, consistency in quality, continuous improvement and connection with the customer. When a brand is …

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Fuel or fluff? Why Roar Protein snack packs fail to deliver

According to the CSIRO we need more protein in our diets. Quite a bit more actually, an increase of 50% over previous recommendations which means that 1.2 – 1.6 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight is the optimal amount*. As this protein trend gains momentum, food manufacturers globally are working out how to capitalise on sales …

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Seed Investment from Skalata Ventures

We are excited to announce that we are now a Skalata Portfolio company and started this week in the Seed Stage and Scale Program. Hearsay launched in February two weeks before Australia’s COVID lockdown. During that time, we dropped in more product features to keep our Pilot Program going. We are now over half-way through …

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