Hearsay Platform Features

All the tools you need to conduct streamlined customer research


The Hearsay Dashboard

The Hearsay Dashboard is the central place for you to set up and access all your projects.

The Hearsay Dashboard is the central place for you to set up and access all your projects. Here you will:
  • Complete your profile
  • Purchase conversation credits
  • Create and manage your projects
  • View and invite team members

Once you start using Hearsay, the dashboard will be updated with the stats of all the projects your teams have run. You will see:
  • Live Projects
  • How many conversations Minutes of recordings
  • And the number of significant moments you and your team have tagged while having those conversations.

Customer recruitment managed for you

You can also choose to have all your conversation interviewees recruited through the platform.

Just tell us who want to talk to by filling out their demographic and attitudinal profile, detail their category behaviour and tell us the area they live in. Then fill in the dates you are available to chat and that’s it. Once we have found the people you are after, we will upload the sessions and the team picks the sessions they want to be a part of. Reminders go at 24 hours before and one hour before to ensure everyone knows where to be.
Conversation Guide

A scientifically designed Conversation Guide

Based on your Business Issue, Hypotheses and Burning Questions we can develop a Conversation Guide for you.

The structure of our Conversation Guide is scientifically developed to take you through the inquiry process. It will always start broad to understand the bigger picture and then become more focussed on the issue you want to investigate. This information is key so we can build contextual insights and start to look at solutions for your Business Issue.

Starting with questions that are too focussed can lead to ‘tunnel vision’ and restricts you from unearthing surprising nuggets of information.

Alternatively, you can also upload your own guide, just simply download the template we have provided and paste in your own questions. We have laid it out to get the best out of your conversations.

Conversations made easy with the Hearsay webcall

If you are meeting online it all happens in the Hearsay platform.

Once you are online with your interviewee you have lots of tools available.  On the left hand side of the screen is the interviewee in the main frame, and you’ll see yourself smaller at the top. On the right hand side is the discussion guide, that you can scroll through.   At the bottom of the screen, there are the key moment buttons to make sure you capture the right things in the moment. Finally, there is a box to take notes so all your data is in one place.  Super easy!

You can have both interviewers and observers for team collaboration

This means everyone in the Research team and the wider stakeholder group have access to the conversation data.

The view your interviewee has is simply you and them.

They see you, the interviewer in the main screen, and themselves smaller at the top. It is clear they are being recorded. They do not see any of the guides, tagging buttons or note taking panels. If you invite an observer, they will see you and the interviewee in equal size.

They see the conversation guides and can also tag key moments as well as type notes directly into the panel which will also appear timestamped on the 100% transcript.

Kick start your strategic thinking

Writing up your WOW Moments is where the magic starts.

After your Customer Conversation, you have pressed stop on the recording and you have said goodbye to your customer, you will have lots of thoughts swirling around your head. They may not always make sense and in fact, they may even feel contradictory to your hypotheses.

These thoughts may not have even been considerations to start with, but they are intuitive feelings about how to solve your Business Issue. We call these the ‘WOW Moments’ – the things that made you sit up and pay extra attention in your conversation. It is where the strategic magic begins.

To ensure we capture your WOW Moments and share them with other team members in an easy way, jot them down in the Wow Moment section before you leave to do something else or talk to your next customer. In our experience, these first thoughts are hard to remember once you move on.
Bring Hearsay with you2A

Take Hearsay with you

Meet your customers face to face and record the conversation too.

Not only do we have a great webcam way of talking to you customers, you can also meet your customers face to face and record the conversation. The Hearsay app is great when you want to have a conversation about your brand experience and need to be in situ.

You can do all the important things like recording audio, tagging key points, making notes and recording your Wow Moments. It also syncs with your project in your dashboard so editing and analysing are super easy.


Analysis made easy

All your conversation data is kept in the ‘Manage your Conversations’ folder.

All your conversations in your Customer folder. The scheduled ones, the ones allocated to the team and all your completed ones.

If we click into one of your completed conversations, you can see there is your film, your transcript, and a summary of all your tagged Significant Moments.

Your notes and your observers notes are also summarised. You can move things around and edit what you need to. All of these summaries will help springboard your strategic thinking and get you to the answer you need to quickly.