Sick of sitting in meetings that are a waste of your time?

83% of workers spend nearly a third of their work week in meetings and up to half of those say their meetings are a waste of time.

Hearsay is revolutionising how meetings are being run.

We are a productivity tool that makes the meetings you are already having more efficient, more productive, more connected and ultimately more joyful.

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How do we make your workplace meetings more efficient?

  1. 1

    An easy fully integrated all-in-one cloud based system which is intuitive to use

  2. 2

    Our in-meeting features mean you can quickly tag key points, make a note and mark actions

  3. 3

    Our post call features help you order the data quickly

  4. 4

    The AI transcription and film gives you visibility to the detail if you need it

  5. 5

    All your team member can collaborate more easily on projects

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Use Cases

Board Meetings

Senior Executive Meetings

Project Updates

Team Meetings

Sales Pipeline Updates

Sales Calls

Founder Meetings

Sales Training

Team Evaluations

Recruitment Interviews

Customer Immersion Programs

Customer Interviews

Stakeholder Meetings

84% of our clients say they would be disappointed if Hearsay did not exist


Hearsay enabled me to fast track a project where we needed to quickly interview 12 key stakeholders for one of our financial services clients. Getting the verbatims in real time and the ability to tag key moments during the interviews, meant that we were able to turnaround our findings twice as fast than we’d normally be able to do.

Andrew Baxter

Founder & CEO, 24 Hour Business Plan

Not only is Hearsay easy and convenient as we directly speak to customers, but it also saves us time. Rather than setting up zoom/teams meetings with them and then consolidating findings from all participants, Hearsay’s efficiency means everything is loaded and ready to use in one place. It reduces prep time for interviews as well as the time taken to consolidate findings after meetings.

Devdarshini Mhatre

Innovation Manager, Bega

Hearsay provides a seamless, fast, and cost-effective way for our agency to conduct interviews. We’ve found Hearsay delivers efficiencies across the project from recruiting a quality sample, to project management through to interpretation of insights through the platform.

Michelle Mahon

Head of Research and insights, CHEP

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