Supercharge your interview insights with an automated system

Hearsay is a cloud based conversation and intelligence management system making the process more efficient, better quality and more consistent.

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Hearsay is a research management tool that integrates best in class research methods with in-person interviewing, advanced data capture and sorting tools.

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    80% cheaper than outsourcing customer research

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    Means you can efficiently and comprehensively gain insights

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    Grow your business on facts not hunches

Four fabulous benefits

Hearsay is helping businesses take control of their research program by delivering the following benefits.

Agile research platform

Saving you loads of time and money.

Customer intimacy

Bringing the human back inside the business.

Builds research capability

By teaching teams how to have insightful conversations.

Repository of data

Holding all your research conversations data.

Make great business decisions anchored in human truth

Keep your team focused on client strategy