Why are office rituals so important?

Office rituals are important because they create conversation and a sense of community in the workplace.

The Hearsay team are very lucky to sit with a number of other businesses and although we work in a hybrid fashion, we have a great community to tap into when we need to.

One thing we do together is Thursday Goddess cards; a ritual where we randomly pull a card that gives us some guidance for the week.  It’s fun, creates conversation and brings us together as a community.

In January this year, Bryan Hancock talked about the importance of workplace rituals as a way of building a great culture on the McKinsey & Company podcast.

He says, ‘Research shows that the rituals that work tend to have two aspects. One is explicit community building. The second is usually a physical aspect: being together, raising a glass, making a toast. The second is what, during the pandemic, was jeopardized.’

In this edition of Questions That Need Answers, I asked @Andrew Siwka, our landlord and Partner at The Royals, ‘Why is the Dover Street goddess cards ritual so important?’

There are two well researched ways to achieve Arbejdsglæde. I would add a third… playfulness.

Last week the @AFR announced its Best Places to Work List. It made me think about something we have been practicing at work lately which is Joy.  Feeling joyful at … and…  about work. Alexander Kjerulf, a Danish happiness-at-work expert and author who has amassed a huge following says: “Work can and should be a ...

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