The Hearsay team is made up of market research practitioners, brand strategists, entrepreneurs, creative financial types and deep tech lovers. Half the team worked for BrandHook, Hearsay’s sister business where the need to build our clients a platform came to life.

Pip Stocks

Pip Stocks

Founder & CEO

Megan Ferguson

Megan Ferguson

Head of CX

Anthony Sequeira

Anthony Sequeria


Corinna Henderson

Corinna Henderson

Client Success Manager

Marlize Strydom

Marlize Strydom

Finance Manager

Bella Hume

Bella Hume

Marketing Assistant

Hearsay is a SaaS research conversations tool that automates the conversations process and springboards strategic thinking.

It is great for brands who realise the more they talk to customer themselves the better their business grows. And agency planners love it because it saves them time and money on admin whilst allowing them to do more of what they love – strategise!

Our Mission

To be the first place strategists and brand owners go when they need to connect deeply with the customers and discover their needs, wants and painpoints.

Why? Because we believe

  1. 1

    In the power of conversation data to drive brand growth

  2. 2

    You find this magic through face to face customer conversations

  3. 3

    Brand owners should be having these conversations

  4. 4

    The conversations should happen in your customers world

  5. 5

    Only then do you have empathy for their pain points and really care to answer their needs