The diverse Hearsay team is made up of brand strategists, research practitioners, entrepreneurs, creative financial types and deep tech lovers. Half the team worked for BrandHook, Hearsay’s sister business where we are experts in having great work conversations. The team have all worked around the world for big and small brands, established and new. This makes us the perfect team to build Hearsay.

Pip Stocks

Pip Stocks

Founder & CEO

Pip launched her career in London working in agencies such as Saatchi’s and Grey, then client side at Virgin Energy and London Electricity during the first dot.com boom and bust. It made sense that she founded her own brand agency, BrandHook, when she returned to Melbourne and is now a seasoned entrepreneur and business advisor. Pip has worked with all the top brands in Australia delivering strategies that have solved their biggest problems.

Megan Ferguson

Megan Ferguson

Head of CX

Megan is the customer soul and a founding partner of Hearsay. She started her career at Colmar Brunton then BrandHook, and has spent 15+ years perfecting the process of conducting highly efficient interviews and gathering customer data for some of the biggest brands in Australia as well as almost every government department.  Megan knows what it takes to have efficient conversations that deliver outcomes and actions, and she is building those principles into the DNA of Hearsay.

Luke Lewandowski

Luke Lewandowski

Tech Lead

For the last 12 years, Luke has been the tech lead for a number of great start ups from Parental EQ to givvable. Before that he ran Seven West Media’s tech development and Pacific Magazines digital platforms. His understanding of how to build a a platform in its start up phase is rare in Australia and his attention to detail is unparalleled.  Luke adds a lot of European joy to an already worldly team.

Corinna Henderson

Corinna Henderson

Client Success Manager

Corinna has a global view of what is important to a customer and has spent her working life in Europe, the UK and now settled in Melbourne. She has a gift with numbers and is passionate about telling stories and turning complex data into intuitive insight. Her passion for the customer and customer experience started in research and is now firmly in tech.

Marlize Strydom

Marlize Strydom

Chartered Accountant

Marlize is a chartered accountant and has experience from around the world including South Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. She started her life at PWC and Linklaters and now, as Hearsay’s Finance Manager, she keeps the business on track as we build, learn and build.

Ben Tweedie

Ben Tweedie

Product Design

Ben is a seasoned user experience and product design specialist. For over 13 years, he has led design and product teams, successfully launching 30+ new brands to market and 100+ digital products for global brands, including the International Olympic Committee, Canon, Singtel, Seven West Media, Marie Claire to name a few.

Why we are the best team

Having spent years organising, running and evaluating thousands of research conversations, we have learnt a thing or two about how to ensure all your workplace conversations are connected, efficient, useful and even joyful!

  1. Build rapport quickly with the people in the real or virtual room. Be warm and be kind.
  2. Walk or click into the room with an intention to get to an answer.
  3. Practice active listening so that you can really hear people’s comments.
  4. If you are asking questions, talk less.
  5. The answers you are looking for don’t always come in words.
  6. If you need more explanation ask, ‘tell me more about that please?’.
  7. Mark the parts of the conversation that you think are interesting in that moment so you don’t miss them.
  8. Immediately after the meeting, review your notes and during the conversation be open to learning and listening.
  9. Review your notes and email out the actions agreed immediately after the conversation finishes.

Our mission is to revolutionise your workplace meetings

Our mission is to bring the joy back into your important workplace conversations. What does that mean?

How? By making your meetings

  1. 1

    More efficient

  2. 2

    More organised

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Connected to the people

  5. 5

    Have summaries and actions emailed immediately