The easiest way to
conduct your research conversations

Hearsay is a powerful customer conversations platform that helps you focus on strategy and insight.

Hearsay is a research conversations management tool that integrates best in class research methods with in-person interviewing, advanced data capture and sorting tools.

It will make the whole process of customer conversations much easier. The admin is done for you plus the gathering and housing of data is all in one place. You can now concentrate on what you love – the strategy.

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Hearsay delivers many benefits

  1. 1

    Saves you an average of three weeks in admin time

  2. 2

    Means you can efficiently and comprehensively gain insights

  3. 3

    Springboards your strategic thinking and gets you to the answers fast

"I don’t want to go back to interviewing customers any other way"

- Sophia, The Royals.

Complete customer conversations tool kit.

You’ll have all the information you need to provide excellent customer insights in one place. From scheduling and managing customer interviews to tools that help you markup key moments and analyse your conversations.

Record and Transcribed

Best in class system with research rigor embedded in the product including 100% transcriptions saving you hours of time.

Face-to-Face Interviewing

Conduct your conversations with Hearsay video through the platform or in person with the app.

Client Observers

Clients can observe interviews ensuring all insights are developed collaboratively.

Live Tagging

In the moment tagging and note taking and it all appears on the 100% correct transcript 12 hours later.