Conversation Guide Template

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Not sure how to start your customer conversations?  Or unclear on how to build the perfect conversation flow?

Then this conversation guide template is for you!  The Hearsay team love running research interviews and have built the perfect template for you to use to build your own.

The key with customer conversations is to start wide.  The mistake most people make is to get pointy too quickly.  If you immediately ask questions about your product or service and your problem, you miss out on a whole lot of context which relates directly to your brand experience.  It also helps to warm up your interviewees so that they feel comfortable to dive into the more specific things you need answered.

This conversation guide template is perfect for anyone who is running research conversations.  Whether you are an experienced researcher or more of a novice, this template guides you through the right flow.  You will then be able to focus on learning the things you need to learn.   Download this conversation guide template and you will not waste any more time working out the right flow or waste any more money talking to people about the wrong things.  Enjoy!