Integrate customer
conversations into your
Research Program

Add customer conversations to your research program.

Your survey data is only telling you half the story. To ensure your growth plans hit the mark, add in some customer conversations to find out what your customers really think or feel.

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Hearsay is a research management tool that integrates best in class research methods with in-person interviewing, advanced data capture and sorting tools.

  1. 1

    80% cheaper than outsourcing customer research

  2. 2

    Means you can efficiently and comprehensively gain insights

  3. 3

    Grow your business on facts not hunches

"Hearing directly what our customer had to say really changed how we developed our growth plans. Hearsay is now part of our planning process"

- Sarah, Britex

Customer Intimacy made easy for you and your team

One-click streamlining of your customer conversations so there’s no need to outsource your customer intel.

Record and Transcribed

Best in class system with research rigor embedded in the product including 100% transcriptions saving you hours of time.

Face-to-Face Interviewing

Conduct your conversations with Hearsay video through the platform or in person with the app.

Team Collaboration

You and your team can interview and/or observe your customer feedback live.

Live Tagging

In the moment tagging and note taking and it all appears on the 100% correct transcript 12 hours later.