New Student Offer

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We understand what it is like to have a lot going on and needing tools and systems that make running projects easier. Using a multitude of platforms can be as annoying as doing things manually, but that’s how most students need to do it when budgets are tight.

To help you through this, we have developed a Student Pricing deal for Hearsay to get all your research conversations sorted in one place.

You can:
1. Quickly set up your research project online.
2. Schedule your interviews  easily.
3. Conduct the interviews through our online video system and receive a voice to text transcription.
4. Tag key insights and make notes during the conversation that also appear on the transcription.
5. And finally, add your supervisor or senior lecturer as a Team Member to observe and take notes.

Special Student Price
$20 for your voice to text conversations for your entire time while studying.

The Hearsay benefits for Students
1. You feel much more in control because all the administration work is done for you.
2. There is no need to waste time on manual processes or money paying for a lot of different technologies.
3. Our system fast tracks your research projects and sets you up with insightful, rigorous findings.