Better commercial outcomes through deeper customer conversations

Investment in big data has dominated most businesses when trying to understand the customer and brand experience. Although this frames what is going on in an organisation, the correlations it delivers are a very rational of view of the customer and misses the why, the causation.

Jee Moon, VP of Marketing AMEX, and I spoke about this phenomenon at The Australian Research Society’s 2020 Conference. Jee cites many examples including the business turnaround of Best & Less and OPSM because she and her team dug deep into her customers lives to find the commercial opportunities.


Slashed research budgets should not stop you from talking to your customers

The impact of Covid-19 on the way we work has been extraordinary. Talking with people in the businesses that BrandHook work with, it’s pretty clear that things look very different to the projections they had last year. And in Victoria, we are very much feeling like these changes are here to stay for a while ...