Enhance Research and their experience with Hearsay

“I can see Hearsay being something that we include in every proposal where qualitative in-depth interviews are a requirement. It will just be part of the way we do business. Like when we run focus groups, we book a room and we organise transcription. In this case, when we are doing 1 to 1 interviews, …

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You won’t find your brand growth strategies in the numbers

(A version of this article appeared in Marketing Magazine in June 2020.  Pip has updated it some information but essentially it is still incredibly valuable a year on.) As we continue to suffer strict lockdowns in Australia and business leaders re-think their strategies, we must work out where our growth opportunities are going to come …

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OPSM and their experience with Hearsay

“I think the platform is great; I think it gives freedom and flexibility to a business, to utilize it however you need. It’s providing that platform, the base for you to be able to maximize customer engagement so yeah I think it’s a fabulous, fabulous tool. You can use it as much or as little …

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Customer Conversations: The Foundation of Customer Strategy

Research beats assumptions, trends, and so-called best practices. The goal of customer research is to test your assumptions, not to validate your assumptions. This rule applies to potential customers too. Keep the conversation focused on them, not your product or company.  Customer research can be done at any stage in a product’s lifecycle, and the …

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Customer Conversations Need To Be A Core Part Of Your Business

Customer conversations should be the cornerstone of any business, no matter the size. In fact, these customer conversations can create the foundation of your business. And if you don’t invest in listening – customers notice. According to Acquia, 53% of consumers feel brands fail to meet their experience standards. Forbes points out that companies with …

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