OPSM and their experience with Hearsay

“I think the platform is great; I think it gives freedom and flexibility to a business, to utilize it however you need. It’s providing that platform, the base for you to be able to maximize customer engagement so yeah I think it’s a fabulous, fabulous tool. You can use it as much or as little as you want just actually having it there and having the account is fantastic.”

Amber Scott, Luxottica (OPSM)

Can you describe your role and how you came into contact with Hearsay?

I manage capability and execution, which is essentially the role of our store network projects for any new initiatives, processes, or procedures that we want to roll out for OPSM.

Is anything that prompted you or anything in particular that prompted you to need a customer research tool like Hearsay?

One of the projects that we wanted to look at was a new approach for our optical brands. So we initially did some first-round insight research with Brandhook. Once we understood what we needed to consider in the sort of models that we wanted to put forward, we wanted to delve into a deeper level of understanding and engage with customers and consumers to get genuine feedback.

We wanted to get the genuine interest level and the detail needed to refine the model we want to go forward with.

Was there an existing process or tool that you used for these kinds of conversations before?

No, not really; we’ve done focus groups before, but this was very different. Hearsay enabled one-on-one dialogue, whereas a focus group is always a collective conversation.

Have you enjoyed using the platform and found it to be effective?

We have loved using the platform. It was super easy to use, and it’s easy to set up. Once you have one project built, you can utilise it across multiple projects, and outside of that research piece, there are so many other exciting opportunities with Hearsay. One of the most significant benefits was that you could quickly build the criteria for who you wanted to be having conversations or dialogue with, people you know are in your target market.

The video recordings and the whole structure of how it works and how you can capture moments, in the end, all of that together, makes Hearsay a user-friendly platform.

Can you see this platform having a place in your toolkit, kind of long-term something you’ll keep on returning to?

We’re exploring one of the biggest opportunities we feel we can use Hearsay for going forward: an NPS – Net Promoter Score, a critical survey base. But our current systems and tools haven’t been providing us with the right data for that NPS. With Hearsay, we can fill the gap: truly understanding what our customers like about our business and where the opportunities might be to make the experience and the product better. Where I’ve got my line of sight is very much around customer insights and understanding our business and what our consumers are liking or where opportunities might be.

How has the rest of your team found the platform, and have they used it effectively?

I had two or three team members use the platform for this project, and they found it easy to use. They really enjoyed it. Outside of using it to gather information for the project, they just enjoyed talking to customers – understanding what they like, what they dislike, and why they choose one brand over another. They just loved it for that connection to the consumer and the ability to have open, robust conversations.


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