The Reprioritisation of Work and Life

We have talked to a lot of people in the last few months and one of the most interesting insights we have heard is people’s desire for what we have coined the ‘Reprioritisation of Work & Life’. It is different to the old idea of Work-Life Balance where work was the focus in an office …

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The importance of curiosity and shaking up work habits

Interview with Adam Murphy, ex CUB and now Founder of Curioso If you have to choose three words, what would say your work life is like? It’s impossible for me to answer that question without the first word being change.   It’s a big change for me going from more than 10 years on the corporate …

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The top 5 customer answers and what they really mean

There is no doubt that Michael Arrington is a powerful and infamous man in the US – he rose to prominence writing the TechCrunch blog.  I don’t know him.   But I read this quote from him recently. Customer research produces bland products.  We are producing a piece of art. Why would he say this when …

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