Seed Investment from Skalata Ventures

We are excited to announce that we are now a Skalata Portfolio company and started this week in the Seed Stage and Scale Program.

Hearsay launched in February two weeks before Australia’s COVID lockdown. During that time, we dropped in more product features to keep our Pilot Program going. We are now over half-way through our soft launch and have received fantastic customer feedback and already talking to businesses in the UK.

Now, as part of the Skalata program, we will focus on getting three things ready for the Hearsay explosion:

  • Confirming our product market fit
  • Building our growth engine
  • Ensuring we have a sustainable business model

When female run businesses receive only 3% of global start-up funding, we are really proud to be part of this diverse and exciting 2020 October Cohort. Thank you to the incredible Skalata team – Rohan Workman, Maxine Lee, Ryan Fitzgerald, Jasmin Chia, Sarah Abendschein. And thank you to the fabulous Skalata mentors – Peter Laurie, Guy Franklin, Vanessa Hutchinson and Ying Wang who we can’t wait to work with.

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