Do these nine things and your workplace conversations will be better

Having spent years organising, running and evaluating thousands of research conversations, we have learnt a thing or two about how to ensure all your workplace conversations are connected, efficient, useful and even joyful!

  1. Build rapport quickly with the people in the real or virtual room. Be warm and be kind.
  2. Walk or click into that room with an intention or hypotheses about what you are going to conclude.
  3. Practice active listening so that you really hear.
  4. If you are asking questions, talk less.
  5. The answers you are looking for don’t always come in words.
  6. If you need more explanation, say, ‘tell me more about that please’?
  7. Mark the parts of the conversation that you think are interesting in that moment so you don’t miss them.
  8. Evaluate the data after the conversation is over, keep open to learning during it.
  9. Make notes & give out actions immediately as the conversation finishes.


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